Samira Badran | 7ème édition des Rencontres cinématographiques Palestine: Filmer C’est Exister (PFC’E).
Palestinian visual artist and animation film director based in Barcelona. Her works focused on palestina under occupation and collective memory.
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7ème édition des Rencontres cinématographiques Palestine: Filmer C’est Exister (PFC’E).

  |   Animation, Festivals, Short Film

‘Memory of the land’ will be presented in the 7th. edition of Rencontres cinématographiques Palestine: Filmer C’est Exister (PFC’E) Swizerland,  as part of a screening of short films on the theme of confinement.

Additional screenings: Monday 3rd December at 8pm at Oblò cinema in Lausanne, and Tuesday 4th December at 19h30 in Sputnik.

The Cinematographic Encounters: Filmer C’est Exister (PFC’E) was created in 2012 with the idea of giving space to the vision, creativity, humor, beliefs and hopes of Palestinian filmmakers. and exchanges with the public.  PFC’E this year offer films by Palestinian filmmakers who, on the one hand, evoke the events of the Nakba and, on the other hand, address all the disasters that have ensued since 1948. These the different perspectives of the cinema allow us to weave a continuity between different historical situations, while establishing a bridge between the past and the present.


Complete program of the edition