Samira Badran | Palestinian Artist
Palestinian visual artist and animation film director based in Barcelona. Art installations, drawing, engraving, ink and watercolor, painter.
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Samira Badran (Libya, 1954) is a Palestinian Visual Artist based in Barcelona. Her father Jamal Badran played a decisive  role in her artistic formation. She graduated in 1976 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cairo and studied etching and painting at the Accademia Delle Belle Arti in Florence from 1978-1982. She is based in Barcelona-Catalunya.


Her works are focused on her perceptions of the Palestinian reality under occupation.  Collective memory , confinement and immobility are some concepts she has delt in her recent works. She  normally experiment with different techniques, ink drawings, watercolor , acrylic painting, collage, drawing on top photography, prints and animation.