Samira Badran | New Walk
Palestinian visual artist and animation film director based in Barcelona. Art installations, drawing, engraving, ink and watercolor, painter.
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New walk


Print on transparent Duraclear, 100×580. 2007

In this installation ,I have focused on the concept of immobility. The legs/ prosthesis are the main subject, symbolizing the force of crossing forward the barriers.


In her piece the New Walk, the meandering image of artificial limbs reflects on the universal conditions of oppression in face of the onslaught of man-made tools and barricades which results in all forms of incarceration. In this work the prosthesis is a metaphor for the indomitable spirit of the Palestinians who seem always to find alternate routes to crossing barriers.


The congested artificial limbs, some broken, other bandaged do not beg for sympathy, instead their seemingly frenzied march portray boundless determination and resilience, a tribute to the Palestinian steadfastness in the face of military and political domination, and that despite all constraints, they continue to cross artificial boundaries and barricades.

Text by Salwa Mikdadi, curator of the exhibition

“Badrans, a Century of Tradition and Innovation” 2007.

Al-Hoash Gallery, Jerusalem

October 26 – December 14, 2007