Samira Badran | Limits of confinement
Palestinian visual artist and animation film director based in Barcelona. Art installations, drawing, engraving, ink and watercolor, painter.
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Limits of confinement

Intervention on photography

In these photographic art works I have analyzed the anatomy of control areas, visualizing the obstacle’s nature as a form of aggression.


Over the past three years, I have focused my interest on documenting, observing and analysing the anatomy and mechanisms of the control zones. Thee areas of vigilance are usuarrly found in various spheres of our modern society. They are basically designed to restrict the life and mobility of people, and, in this way, to impose artificial differences.

In the occupied Palestinian land, the institutionalised system of check points reflects the occupation’s essence. Meticulously planned, it brings about a total fragmentation ofthe territory and damages relations in both social and economic networks throuhout the country. These works, reflect on, the visual nature of the obstacle, its elements and its sharp impact on the landscape.

Entering these enclosures, one must confront and submit to inspection and security orders. The control system os composed of sophistocated technologies: “magnetic spindle gates, high speed X-ray machines, biometric scanning devices”, turnstiles, organised narrow filter zones, opaque serial spaces, physical obstructions, and permanent camera vigilance. Being inside the check point, and surrounded by these alien structures, provoke different sensations: hostility, anxiety, insecurity, impotence, pressure and fear.


Limits of confinement

Samira Badran