Samira Badran | Siege Series - Intervention on photography
Samira Badran's series of intervention on photographs based on images taken at Qalandia checkpoint and areas in Ramallah.
Samira Badran, Intervention on photography, siege, qalandia, checkpoint, ramallah, palestinian artist, siege art
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The series of intervention on photographs are based on images taken at Qalandia checkpoint and areas in Ramallah with the now too familiar sight of discarded broken car parts, furniture, sections of demolished concrete barriers and other debris. This on-going series records the changes taking place at the Qalandia Crossing reflected in the traces left by those crossing the barrier, this theme is explored literally in the piece Greem Line with images of foot prints transformed with tome. These vociferous images in these art works force the viewer to probe further into this discordant collage of chaotic scenes searching for the culpable object/ subject responsible for this turnoil that moves like a tsunami one work to the other resulting in an epidemic chaos.

“Badrans, a Century of Tradition and Innovation”

Text by Salwa Mikdadi, curator of the exhibition
Al-Hoash Gallery, Jerusalem